Our Services

Wychwood Biodiversity specialises in improving biodiversity value for our clients.  We’ve developed a range of services to support land owners and managers at all stages of the project cycle, from pre-planning through to the long-term management of sites. We offer convenient and effective means to improve biodiversity, from a single site to an entire portfolio. 

We offer technical services including input to planning applications, development of management plans and monitoring. Our corporate services help businesses to develop biodiversity policies and strategies. Our supporting services include staff training, education, scientific research and marketing. These are detailed below.


technical services

  • Planning: we provide a full range of ecological surveys and reports in support of planning applications, enabling developers to meet the policy requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the new biodiversity net gain targets.

  • Biodiversity management plans (BMPs): we develop practical plans for improving biodiversity on a site. Through surveys we help you identify existing biodiversity value and opportunities for improvement. We specify the habitats and species we’d recommend for the site and how to establish them. Crucially, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to manage the habitats going forwards. We use simple annotated maps as the most effective means of communicating with stakeholders. Our BMPs include detailed cost estimates and timelines.

  • Habitat creation: we undertake habitat creation on renewables sites, from wild flower meadows to hedgerows to ponds and wetlands. Sometimes we form partnerships with trusted landscape managers where specialist equipment is needed.

  • Surveys and monitoring: as ecologists we are experienced in surveying protected and high value species groups including botany, birds, amphibians, reptiles, selected invertebrates and mammals, including bats. We have a wide range of survey tools and are able to tailor monitoring depending on the company’s needs, from simple site walk-overs and fixed-point photo surveys to systematic wildlife surveys. As well as wildlife, we are able to assess ecosystem services and natural capital using the latest tools.

corporate services

  • We can help you develop a policy on biodiversity for your organisation. This can be a short aspirational statement which lays out what the organisation aims to achieve in broad terms, or a more technical framework from which specific targets can be developed. Usually, we recommend several short workshops with senior management to help define what the key goals for biodiversity are.

a bug hotel

supporting services

  • Training and building in-house capacity: Developing a biodiversity policy often necessitates some awareness-raising within the organisation. We can help build your team’s understanding of biodiversity and biodiversity management through more formal presentations and workshops in the office and less formal team-building activities on site.

  • Research: We work with several UK Universities to pursue research questions, drawing upon PhD and MSc studentships and academic internships. We are working with the Lancaster University team to develop SPIES (Solar Park Impacts on Ecosystem Services) – a decision support tool for solar farm management. There are many research questions that need to be explored further, including how a solar farm influences the soil carbon flux and soil invertebrates, amongst many others. 

  • Education: we are not education specialists but we work with several excellent service providers who have solar farm-based activities for school children that fit into the National Curriculum. We are able to support educational visits with activities such as building bug hotels or undertaking wildlife surveys.

  • Marketing: We are accomplished photographers and recognise the value of strong imagery. We will be happy to share good quality photographs and videos of the work we undertake as well as short blogs or PR pieces for corporate literature.