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Photo: G Parker, NextEnergy, 2018

Wychwood Biodiversity advises the UK and European solar industry on biodiversity management, both at the portfolio level and for individual sites.

We provide asset owners and managers with practical support for restoring and creating habitats on solar farms and managing them through efficient practices.

Nationally, Wychwood has taken a leading role in the development of good practice guidance for biodiversity in the solar industry, developing approaches that fit with the operations of the site

Wychwood has led research on biodiversity and solar farms in order to understand impacts and opportunities and to improve management:

  • In 2013 Wychwood led the first research on solar farms and biodiversity
  • This was followed up with a more comprehensive study of 11 solar farms, in partnership with Clarkson and Woods
  • The results show that, with the right management, solar farms can deliver significant benefits for a range of UK wildlife, including plants, invertebrates (especially bumblebees and butterflies) and breeding birds.